5-layer blown film machines

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  • Shrink films
  • Foil films
  • Packaging films
  • Barrier films
  • Vapor and water proof films
  • Films for banknote packaging
  • Films for medical purposes.



Five-layer barrier blown films produced by coextrusion method on the Aleko Multilayer lines, widely used globally for the production of various packaging, are just beginning to gain popularity in our country. Thanks to the technology of five-layer extrusion, the possibilities in the production of films with different structures have expanded, which in turn made it possible to make films thinner, attractive visually, more durable and at the same time cheaper.

In the design of five-layer lines, the modular layout principle is applied, which makes it easy to configure the machine for specific client tasks. All the Aleko series are equipped with high-performance screws manufactured under license from Plamex (Germany). Screws have a complex geometric shape, allowing to achieve high performance in mixing and capacity.