Automatic film thickness control system. Efficiency over 70%

Automatic film thickness control system. Efficiency over 70% 02.04.2021

Automatic film thickness control system. Efficiency over 70%

Our company "ALEKO" has launched on the market a product that is unique in its technical characteristics, which provides a decrease in the index of thickness variation of tubular films by more than 70%. The system is designed for quick measurement and correction of the profile thickness of tubular films during & nbsp; extrusion process in real time.

You can see the system in operation and learn more about it at the production site of the Aleko-Polymers plant or by link

«Aleko Machinery»  - is one of 9 companies in the world that has developed and offered the market a film thickness control system.   The device is designed for continuous measurement and operational correction of the profile thickness of tubular films during the extrusion process in real time.

Principle of operation:

The control system uses a sensor to register deviations of the film thickness from the set value.   The software developed by ALEKO specialists calculates the necessary adjustment algorithm, which allows you to adjust the thickness of the corresponding film segment in case of deviation.  

Cooled air flows inside the ring through independent   segments (the number depends on the diameter of the extrusion head), in which the heating elements are installed. In places of increased film thickness, the air heats up. The thicker the film, the more power is supplied to the corresponding segment heater. In places of reduced film thickness, the air does not heat up.

Thickness scanning is performed 360 degrees non-stop. For continuous measurement and data transmission, a system based on a Kundig (Switzerland) sensor is used.  


  • High   correction accuracy and reduction   thickness variation by more than 70%.

  • Independent zones for correction of the profile thickness of tubular films. The increased number of zones (in comparison with analogs on the market) makes the adjustment process more accurate and faster.

    •  56 zones - head diameter 180, 200, 250 mm

    • 72 zones - head diameter 300, 350, 400 mm

    • 96 zones - head diameter 500, 550, 600 mm

  • The system reaction speed is much higher than that of analogues from other manufacturers:
    the 2sigma indicator decreased from 5.68% to 1.51% in just 6 minutes, and from 9.04% to 1.90% in 10 minutes.
    This efficiency allows for faster and less lossy transition from one film width / thickness to another.
  • Stability of the obtained result - the algorithm of the system allows maintaining the achieved indicator of thickness difference in a constant mode.
  • Excellent thermal insulation between the blower ring and the extrusion head, thanks to the use of an innovative material - airgel.
  • The outer surface of the blower ring is made of glass fiber reinforced composite material to avoid condensation on the inner surface of the system.
  • Low energy consumption with a decrease in thickness variation indicators, on average - 4.8 kW.

You can see the equipment in operation in the video:

Service and customer support

The design of the device is made in such a way that service does not cause any difficulties. At the same time, the fully protected design prevents any mechanical contamination. In the event of a malfunction, optional remote diagnostics are available. Our service department is ready to provide technical support at any time, both in a remote format and with the departure of specialists to the client's territory.

Profitable and convenient

In addition to the obvious effect of reducing the thickness variation index - improving the quality of finished products, the installation of this system from ALEKO has a real economic effect. In particular, if we talk about money, then the savings in production after installation will be more than 30 million rubles per year *. At the same time, the payback period for investments in this equipment is from 8 months. This is especially important for those who sell film by thickness rather than weight. At the same time, for the latter, such a system will help to save raw materials, which are now quite expensive.

At the moment, our film thickness control system has no analogues in terms of reaction speed and efficiency. Those. You get a stable excellent result, but for less money in comparison with similar equipment from other manufacturers.

It is important that the system can be installed both on new blowing machines and on existing extrusion lines in order to improve film parameters and save raw materials. Our own design bureau, development of the device software by the company's specialists and the production of the system itself from domestic materials allow us to quickly resolve any issues that arise during operation.

The company offers a special promotional price for the first ten control systems! You can find out all the details from the sales department: Contacts

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