Interesting solution

Interesting solution 09.07.2019

Interesting solution

Recently we were approached by a company from the Moscow region, that construct the wooden houses. They needed to recycle the waste of their production. The amount and volume of material for processing required automation of the process, but they could not find a specialized solution suitable for the cost, timing and quality.

Recommendations of our clients – that is what we are really proud of. Thanks to the advice, representatives of the Moscow region company decided to contact us.

Our experts suggested a great solution: single shaft shredder Aleko "Raptor Pro" model SRP 40/75. After discussion of all technical questions, there were carried out the tests on our manufactory.

As a result, the order was made and a new shredder in 2 weeks became the part of the process of building wooden houses.

The client's task is solved, and we have added our list of materials for processing. At the moment our customers use Aleko shredder for processing not only plastic, but also paper, cardboard, cellulose, aluminum and steel chips, and now wood

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