Automatic film thickness control system

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Automatic film control system

  • Highest control accuracy and up to 70% thickness tolerance reduction
  • 72 heaters for air temperature correction
  • High speed reaction. It helps to improve film thickness in short time (2sigma reduced: from 5.68% to 1.51% in 6 minutes and from 9,04% to 1.90% in 10 minutes)
  • Good heat insulation between the air ring and the die
  • Air ring body is made from glass fiber, not from aluminum. It eliminates dew-fall on air ring surface.


Operating principle: Circular system of online thickness measurement based on capacitive sensor from Kundig (Switzerland) records thickness variations from the rated value. The data, received by the sensor, are transmitted to the control system where software calculates the necessary algorithm for adjustment and performs correction of an appropriate film segment using given number of actuators which are equally spaced along the perimeter of the ring.

Die head dia, mm

Quantity of zones

180, 200, 250


300, 350, 400


500, 550, 600


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