Extrusion control system

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The system simultaneously in automatic mode controls the flow of raw materials, the speed of rotation of the screws and the take up speed, which makes it possible to clearly set the weight per linear meter of the film and maintain it throughout the entire extrusion process.
It allows at a minimum cost to achieve a high degree of automation and production stability where dosing of a large number of components is not required.

Principle of operation:

The extrusion control system is equipped with a loading hopper which supplies the material to the weighing tank, where tension sensors record the value of the weight of the supplied batch. Then the raw material is fed into the feeding zone area of the screw.

! Optionally, the system can be equipped with a raw material mixer for pre-mixing portions before feeding it into the screw.







Number of tension sensors



150 kg/h

Volume of hopper, l


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