Weight (Gravimetric) dosing systems

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Weight (gravimetric) dosing systems are based on the principle of supplying to the bulk of the raw material a certain portion of additives, each of them is measured by weight.

The principle of operation of weighing feeders is to supply a batch of material consisting of components of a certain weight in accordance with the recipe. The material is fed into the weighing hopper, then the component is weighed, after that the another components are fed and weighed one by one. After weighing all the components that make up the recipe, they are blended in the mixer. When the maximum weight is reached in the weighted mixer, an outlet gate opens and the material is poured into the screw feeding zone.

"Aleko" dosing systems can supply up to 6 additional components at the same time.

Materials: granulated LDPE, HDPE, RECYCLED HDPE/LDPE etc. and masterbatches.


The main advantage of gravimetric dosing systems Aleko - high level of dosing accuracy per batch - 0,04%!


Special features of Aleko Dosing Systems:

  • Dosing accuracy for each batch – 0,04%;

  • Simple and reliable construction;

  • Operational reports on material consumption including reports of the weight of each batch of material;

  • Possibility of integration into one whole control system of the extrusion machine;

  • Memory for up to 100 recipes;

  • Ethernet port;

  • Flippy screen with easy user friendly interface;

  • Easy control of material level thanks to inspection window for each hopper;

  • Volume of each material hopper - 35 litres ( total volume of hoppers: 4-component – 140 litres; 6-component – 210 litres);

  • Angle of hopper walls is designed to avoid bridging of the material;

  • The system can be modified to weigh from 2 to 6 components;

  • Construction of mixing blades has special shape which provides perfect homogenization of the material batch;

  • Maximum capacity: DV150 – 150 kg/h, DV300 – 300 kg/h

  • Standard batch weight: for DV150 – 1 kg; for DV300 – 2 kg;

  • All surfaces in contact with material are made of stainless steel;

  • Two sets of scales (first set is for weighting hopper; Second set is for weighting mixer);

Material consumption registration


Number of tension sensors


Number of components

4 (6)

Power consumption (without vacuum loaders)    

0,18 KW

Dosing accuracy of the batch



150-300 kg/h

Volume of each material hopper

35 L

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