YouTube bloggers are filming and telling about the "Aleko Group"

YouTube bloggers are filming and telling about the "Aleko Group" 26.04.2021

YouTube bloggers are filming and telling about the "Aleko Group"

Guests came to our production - the film crew of the YouTube channel "Быстроф Приёмка". On their channel, they talk about difficult things in simple words.

Valery Fedoseev, director of the department of equipment for recycling of the Aleko Group of Companies, spoke about all the directions of the company's work and dwelt in more detail on the range of equipment for processing recyclable materials and solid household waste.


What you can see in the video:

  • Industrial plastic shredder Raptor Pro 800 model in operation. The productivity of 500-700 kg / hour allows you to process bulky waste of plastics and polymers, such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, ABS, PS, PC, etc.

The control cabinet was developed by the Aleko design bureau, it is simple and reliable to use.

  • Granulator, model PLR 120/100. This is a novelty in the ALEKO assortment line in the direction of recycling. Machine productivity: 300-350kg / hour.

The peculiarity of the equipment allows you to recycle heavily contaminated plastic waste. At the same time, the material does not freeze, it can be accurately dosed into the auger. In this case, the dosage occurs automatically, i.e. with an increase in the speed of the main extruder, cutting is immediately added independently.

One press allows you to start the car.

The control cabinet is also easy to use.

Several degrees of overheating protection, with cooling fans.

With the help of a heat exchanger, it is possible to cool equipment parts.

You can get acquainted with the equipment in operation and with the production process from the inside in the video.

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